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Employment Information

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Job Title:  Wrapping Machine Operator
Reports To:  Production Supervisor
Department: Operations Direct Labor
Status:  Hourly/Non-Exempt


  • Set up code date on the video jet as directed by the Quality Assurance paperwork. (Daily lot code information sheet.) Have QA verify that the set up is correct and sign off on the sheet. Collect the wrappers as directed for code date verification.
  • Verify that the correct film is being used as directed by the Supervisor and schedule.
  • Check Lot code information against QA “Daily lot code information sheet” provided by your supervisor.
  • Get film material for the shift and properly mount rolls on the film spindles. Thread film properly so film will track through the former and be properly code dated. Make sure the Former, Belts, Rollers and the product side of the flight chain are clean and free of any Coating or stickiness.
  • Start wrapping machine prior to shift, and perform minor machine adjustments to the wrapper and film alignment to ensure that the product is being packaged according specifications.
  • Ensure all product transfer belts at the wrapper area are running and clean prior to product arriving and wrapping area. 
  • Inspect product packages to ensure product registration is within specifications; contact supervisor or maintenance staff is adjustments fail to correct registration.
  • Monitor and inspect product package quality out of cutting head, ensuring film alignment and registration is with in specification.
  • Monitor and remove scrap from wrapping machine.
  • Operate wrapping machine at a speed relative to the number of bars moving through the wrapper so bar film is not wasted; monitor and record film roll usage throughout the shift.
  • Conduct product weight checks every 10 minutes as directed by QA thoughout the shift.
  • Assist Wrapper Feeders as necessary and relieve for breaks.
  • Compile all down time information relative to the line and to the Wrapping Machine and submit to  supervisor at the end of the shift.
  • Keep area clean and free of congestion, managing product overflow.
  • Prevent any and all product from falling on the floor.
  • Assist with other duties as directed by supervision or management.


  • Education equivalent to completion of High School
  • English speaking or bi-lingual
  • Demonstrated positive interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and project a positive image
  • 1  - 2 years of manufacturing experience operating a machine
  • Must have a working knowledge of established food safety regulations and good manufacturing practices, high-speed packaging operations and the ability to differentiate product or materials lot codes and an ability to count carton and case quantities, or material usage requirements


The incumbent must possess the physical ability to pack/unpack product into trays, cartons and/or cases to a precise location an within prescribed times, perform visual quality checks, audibly and visually detect out-of-tolerance conditions and/or mechanical problems and must possess vision correctable to a degree required to read production schedules, written instructions, packaging lot codes, posted safety guidelines and plant policies.   Must be able to perform basic mathematical calculations as needed to ensure product quantities are accurately packaged.  Must be able to safety operate foot and hand activated equipment and utilize material handling and packaging devices.  The above functions must be performed in limited access areas which are inherent to machine design, production packaging conveying systems, hot and cold temperatures, and moderate noise levels.

The incumbent must demonstrate strong hand-eye coordination and possess the physical ability to perform the following:  continuous standing, frequent walking, frequent lifting with both arms (weights up to 20 lbs.), occasional lifting with both arms (weights up to 30lbs.), frequent pushing, pulling, twisting, stooping, reaching, grasping and repetitive movements with both hands, occasional climbing (stairs) and balancing.

Note:    In relation to an 8-hour day:
               Occasional    =   1 – 3 hours
               Frequent       =   3 – 5 hours
               Continuous   =   5 – 8 hours

No hazardous substances are utilized in the position; however, incumbents must be able to work with known food allergens, in a food production environment that may contain low levels of dust and/or slippery walking surfaces.


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